Medical School in Nicosia

Medical School in Nicosia



Each architectural creation is characterized by an Inextricable link with the site where it aims to integrate, forming relationships of interaction and reciprocity. So it was a conscious decision to systematically research and analyze the site before any synthetic choice. After studying the climatic and topological characteristics of Cyprus, but also of those of the campus complex, the study focused on the topography of the area, as well as the boundaries that surround it. The main features of the site include its strong slope and its interesting view is towards Mesimbria and the hill of Aronas.


Perimetrically, the plot is characterized by different conditions. In the Northwest, the plot is bordered by the pedestrian zone "Belvedere", which is one of the main axes of movement and serves the entire. In the Northeast border, the plot adjoins with a route -course, which abuts with the proposed premises of the Division of Biological Sciences and the communal classrooms. In the Southwest, the course/ path is adjacent to the proposed premises of the Polytechnic School. Finally, the facilities of the Medical School facilities will be expanded towards the Southeast in the future.


The principle of synthetic pursuit was the creation of a building, which is harmoniously integrated into the natural and built environment of the campus, which responds to the specific requirements of the students and teachers of Medicine. Medicine, a science that requires dedication, concentration and privacy, conditions that dictate the design of a School with an introversive structure. At the same time, of course, as a part of an entire university community, it must operate as a social condenser that is conducive to the social interaction of its users. Drawing a balance between these two opposing statements constitutes the main feature of the proposal.

The proposal is composed of certain of synthetic options which are analyzed graphically as follows:

• In the Northwest boundary of the plot and across all of its width, we placed a linear shelter, which fulfills a dual purpose. Originally a prominent identifying item of the composition, it also creates a partially open-air staging area to the pedestrian zone "Belvedere” , which acts as transition from public space within the school.

• Striving for an optimum integration of the building on the environment and the slope, we formed stepwise semi-outdoor spaces and terraces with different qualities of lighting and privacy, which follow the natural slope. The staggered arrangement of the building’s mass was a central objective, so that the School could be naturally integrated to the slope, without altering the landscape.

• The space that constitutes the core of the school is the central patio. It is located one level below the entrance and consolidated with it through an amphitheater. While opting for a lower level enhanced the patio’s sense of privacy, the entry and patio can also be defined as a single module.

• We draw a linear axis that unifies all outdoor and semi-open spaces, starting from the main pedestrian zone and ending at the level of the building. The design of this course organizes the composition and the main axis of movement that will connect in the future the two sections of medicine. Therefore, it is evident that this course is a main feature of the central idea, organizing the composition in its entirety and simultaneously granting a public passage on the campus.

• Considering that a future expansion of the faculty at the southwestern limit of the plot is given, a basic compositional choice was the conception of the two plots as a single space of study, so that at the future integration of the two components of the faculty to can create a united and harmonious whole.


Technical Data

Architects: Pyliotis Alkiviadis, Fokialis Evangelos, Niarchos Panagiotis | Contributors: Galenos Markelos, Papaggelopoulou Marianthi, Sergios Aristotelis-Rafail | Architect Consultant: Papaioanou Tassis (Professor in N.T.U.A) | 3D Visualisation: Apostolis Kassios | Mechanical Engineer Consultant: Sourilas Konstantinos (KNS engineering consultants) | Location: Nicosia, Cyprus | Area: 9.370 m2Project Year: 2015 | Project Type: International Competition Entry